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Keep The Surface Of Stainless Steel Hex Tubing Clean!

1. Summary of stainless steel hex tubing

stainless steel hex tubing is a solid long strip of stainless steel with hexagonal cross section. Because of the characteristics of stainless steel hexagonal pipe, it is widely used in ocean, chemical industry, architecture, and other fields.

Stainless steel hexagonal tube can be finished steel, can also be used as blank for welded pipe and thin slab for laminated sheet rolling.

2. Main uses

stainless steel hex tubing can be used as finished materials for hoop iron, tools, and mechanical parts, and for building structures and escalators.

For stainless steel hexagonal tubes, the lower the surface roughness, the smoother the surface, the more difficult the foreign body to attach, and the lower the probability of local corrosion. Therefore, the stainless steel hexagonal tube should adopt the finishing surface as far as possible.

Surface cleanliness of stainless steel hexagonal tubes is very important, and the final cleaning after passivation should be carefully carried out, because residual acid promotes cathodic reaction and causes film rupture, thus activating stainless steel hexagonal tubes and drastically reducing corrosion resistance. Use environmental media.

The passivation film of stainless steel hexagonal tube belongs to the thermodynamically restrained metastable structure. Its protection efficiency is related to the environmental medium. It should be cleaned regularly to remove harmful substances from the surface for a long time.

stainless steel hex tubing mainly processes stainless steel bolts and nuts, various stainless steel industrial parts. Hexagonal steel pipe is mainly used in tap water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, agricultural irrigation, urban construction, and is one of the 20 key products developed in China. For liquid transportation: water supply, drainage, sewage treatment engineering, mud transportation, marine water transportation. For gas transportation: gas, steam, liquefied petroleum gas. Structural function: Pile driving pipe, bridge, wharf, road, building structure pipe, ocean pile driving pipe, etc.

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