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Performance Introduction of Precision Stainless Steel Tube

Precision stainless steel tubes have good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Because of the higher percentage of chromium and nickel, it can work continuously at high temperature with high-temperature resistance.

Density: 8.0 g/cubic centimeter, mechanical properties after solution treatment: yield strength (> 205), tensile strength (> 520), elongation (> 40), hardness test: HBS < 187, HRB < 90, HV < 200. Precision stainless steel tubes are suitable for making various furnace components, the highest working temperature is 1200 C, and the continuous operating temperature is 1150 C. Specific performance is highlighted in the following aspects:

1. Distortion: Due to the constraints of the construction site, space, and tools, constructors often use the plasticity of precise stainless steel pipes instead of forcing construction according to construction specifications. The distortion factors at the joint of pipes and fittings should be taken into consideration.

2. The product has strong safety, sanitation, and reliability, so we don't need to worry about the occurrence of red water, green water, and other phenomena.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance: The surface of precise stainless steel pipe will form a thin protective film. Although the protective film is about 3 x 10-6 mm, it is very strong. Even if damaged, as long as there is oxygen nearby, it can regenerate immediately to prevent rust, do not worry about rust.

4. Good impact resistance. There is no need to worry about the impact phenomenon caused by the common "rusting protrusions" in galvanized steel pipes.

5. Light texture, easy handling and construction, and low cost. The weight of the pipe is greatly lightened and the cost is reduced, which makes the handling easier and the installation more convenient.

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