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A Method Of Bright Annealing Of Precision Steel Tubes

Precision steel tube is a kind of high precision steel tube material after cold drawing or hot rolling. Due to the precision steel tube inside and outside wall no oxide layer, withstand high pressure no leakage, high precision, high finish, cold bending no deformation, flaming, flattening no cracks and other advantages, so it is mainly used for pneumatic or hydraulic components, such as gas and oil cylinders. Precision steel tube can be both seamless and welded pipe. Here is a method of bright annealing of precision stainless tubing.

1. Bright annealing can keep the appearance of precision steel tube bright, size accuracy, more and more favored by customers. Cold rolled strip annealing without surface oxidation and decarburization in protective atmosphere. The protective atmosphere consists of a single inert gas, argon or helium, and mixed gases, such as co-h2-n2-co2 (DX), n2-h2 (HNX), n2-co2-h2, etc. The composition in the mixed gas can be adjusted to make the oxidation and reduction, decarburization and carburizing speed equal in the annealing process of the strip, so as to realize the annealing without oxidation and decarburization of the strip.

2. After annealing, there is invisible oxide film on the surface of the strip so as to protect the metal surface brightness. According to the chemical reaction between furnace gas and steel and its changing rules, the protective atmosphere is prepared and applied to determine the conditions for preventing oxidation and decarburization. O2 and H2O can oxidize and decarburize the surface of strip steel. CO and CH2 can reduce the oxide layer and carburize the steel surface. H2 can also decarbonize the steel surface, although it can reduce the oxide layer. Bright annealing depends on REDOX reaction of H2O, CO2, H2 atmosphere and Fe. N2 and other inert gases are a neutral protective atmosphere of steel, among which N2 is mostly used. However, oxygen atmosphere must be removed in order to have a good protective effect. Generally used N2 and H2 mixed protective atmosphere.

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