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As a large stainless steel tube manufacturer, Huangshang Steel offer various tubing to meet different application requirements like BA tubing, MP tubing, EP tubing,stainless steel instrument tubing, heat exchange tubes , boiler tubes, aerospace tubing.
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WENZHOU HUASHANG STEEL CO., LTD is a large stainless steel precision tubing company and China tube end reducer manufacturer, which is located in Longwan Wenzhou, also well known as the capital city of stainless steel in China. HUASHANG specializes in manufacturing products in austenitic,super-austenitic, duplex steel, super-duplex steel, and nickel alloys, etc. The main products include heat exchanger tubing, u-bend tubing, capillary tubing, precision tubing, coil tubing, super long coil tubing (we produce can reach more than 1000 meters)and super capillary tubing.

Our products are widely used in oil exploration, chemical industry, aerospace industry, rail transportation, automotive industry, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power Generation, precision machinery and other areas. China steel hydraulic tubing fittings are applied in many industries, especially in the instrument industry, air-conditioning industry, solar industry, heater industry, Hydraulic parts, boiler, heat exchanger and Medical industry.
    Win the opposition through perfect quality
    Win the opposition through perfect quality
    Win the opposition through perfect quality
We offer a vary of offerings and merchandise which we are extraordinarilyproud of. Below you will discover some of our services. If you suppose we can assist you or your enterprise, please contact us.