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Oil & Gas

The Huashang program includes a wide range of merchandise for use in oil refining, petrochemical processing, and gasoline processing. One of our specialties is tubular merchandise in corrosion resistant alloys contributing to longer service life and decreased maintenance. We provide, for example, duplex stainless metal and nickel alloys suitable for sour crude oil.

Our products are used in applications such as:
  • Gas Dew Point Pre-coolers
  • Seawater-cooled heat exchangers
  • Sour gas cleaning
  • Sour water treatment

Oil & Gas

More Tubing Fittings To Consider

  • Forged Rings

    Forged Rings

    July 10, 2018Forming type :forging, Rating: ANSI150LBS~2500LBS, DIN PN6~PN160, JIS 5K~30K, HG PN0.25~PN25, PN2.0~PN42.0, Size :15mm—5000mmview
  • UNS N06030/DIN W. NR. 2.4603

    UNS N06030/DIN W. NR. 2.4603

    May 23, 2023SPECIFICATIONSPHYSICAL PROPERTIESRodASTM B 581DENSITY8.22 g/cm 3Plate, sheet and stripASTM B 582, B 906Seamless pipe and tubeASTM B 622Welded pipeASTM B 619, B 775Welded tubeASTM B 626, B 751FittingAS...view
  • UNS N07750/DIN W. NR. 2.4669

    UNS N07750/DIN W. NR. 2.4669

    May 24, 2023SPECIFICATIONSPHYSICAL PROPERTIESRod, bar and forging ASTM B 637DENSITY8.28 g/cm 3MELTINGRANGE1393-1427℃CHEMICAL COMPOSITION%NiCrFeNb+TaCoCMnSiSCuAlTiMIN70.00 14.00 5.00 0.70 0.40 2.25 MAX17.00 9.00 ...view