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Boiler Tubes

Boiler tubes refer to the steel with both ends open and hollow section, and its length is larger than the surrounding area. According to the production method, it can be divided into seamless steel tube and welded steel tube, the specification of the steel tube is indicated by the shape size (such as the outside diameter or side length) and the wall thickness, and its size range is very wide, it is from the capillary tube with very small diameter to the large-diameter tube with several meters in diameter. Steel pipe can be used for pipeline thermal equipment, mechanical industry, petroleum geological exploration, container chemical industry and special purpose. WENZHOU HUASHANG STELL CO. LTD as the production supplier of boiler tube, it is engaged in selling boiler tube all year round. Quality boiler tubes for sale. Welcome to order and consult the relevant information of boiler tube as follows:

1. Basic Knowledge
Steel pipe can be divided into seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe (welded pipe) two categories according to the shape of the section, it can be divided into circular pipe and special-shaped pipe, widely used is circular steel pipe, but there are also some square, rectangular hexagonal, equilateral triangle, octagonal special-shaped steel pipe. Hydraulic tests are carried out to test the compressive strength and quality of steel pipes under fluid pressure, It is qualified that there is no leakage, wetting or expansion under the specified pressure. Some steel pipes shall be subjected to flanging test, flaring test and flattening test according to the standards or requirements of the buyer.

Manufacturing Method
1. In general, the temperature of the boiler tube is below 350. The domestic tube is mainly made of no. 10 and no. 20 carbon steel hot-rolled tube or cold-drawn tube.
2.  High-pressure boiler tube is often used in high temperature and high pressure conditions, Under the condition of high temperature flue gas and steam, the pipe will be oxidized and corroded, which requires the pipe to have high endurance strength, high oxidation resistance and good structure stability.

1. Generally, boiler tube is mainly used to manufacture water-wall tube, boiling water tube, superheated steam tube, large and small smoke tube and arch brick tube for locomotive boiler.
2. High pressure boiler tube is mainly used to manufacture superheater tube reheater tube main steam tube and so on of high pressure and ultra high pressure boiler. The supply and demand trend of high-pressure boiler tube industry is stable on the whole, but the supply and demand situation of each specific sub-industry will further differentiate. The personage inside course of study points out that the most crucial link still is the preservation and promotion use of 20g new-style and energy-saving heat high pressure boiler tube equipment.

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