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Production Capacity Of Vacuum Annealing Furnace For Bright Annealed Stainless Steel Tubes

In order to improve the absolute productivity of the furnace, it is necessary to improve the unit productivity of the furnace. The higher the effective bottom strength is, the higher the hourly output of the furnace is. To a certain extent, it shows that the furnace has better thermal efficiency, higher heating efficiency of bright annealed stainless steel tubes and higher production operation level. In addition, attention should be paid to improving the utilization coefficient of furnace bottom. The so-called bottom utilization coefficient refers to the ratio of the effective bottom area to the whole bottom area. The higher the utilization coefficient of the bottom is, the larger the effective bottom area is. It will be conducive to increasing the loading capacity and the hourly output of the furnace. In the workshop, the heating capacity of the bright annealing stainless steel tube furnace should be determined according to the hourly output, operation rate and annual product plan of the rolling mill. The ability of the bright annealing stainless steel tube furnace must ensure that the rolling mill completes the annual production plan within the specified operating time.

The production capacity of bright annealed stainless steel tube heating furnace is the total quantity ofbright annealed stainless steeltube heated well in unit time, expressed in tonnage, hour or tonnage/shift. In order to compare the thermal working conditions of different furnaces, the unit productivity, i.e. the bottom strength (kg/m 2.h), is often used to express it. P=Gx100/f

The effective bottom strength of P-type medium-sized furnace is per kilogram/meter 2.hour. For example, the effective bottom strength of inclined bottom furnace of small seamless stainless steel pipe production unit is about 300-400 kilograms/meter 2. G - The absolute productivity of the furnace is the hourly output of the furnace, ton/hour. f-- Effective hearth area,meter 2, There are many factors restricting the efficiencies of vacuum annealing at present. The production technology of vacuum annealing furnace on the market is not very mature and the production efficiency is relatively low, which leads to high production cost of bright annealing stainless steel tubes. How to improve the production efficiency ofbright annealing furnaceis the focus at present.

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