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Characteristics Of SS Capillary Tubes And Classification Of Matrix Microstructures


1. The stainless steel capillary can meet the requirements of refrigerant devices with different working conditions and refrigeration capacity through various combinations of length and diameter.

2. It has good softness, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, tensile resistance, waterproof and provides excellent electromagnetic shielding performance.

3. Stainless steel capillary can bend freely into various angles and radius of curvature and has the same softness and durability in all directions.

4. The pitch of the stainless steel hose is flexible and has good flexibility without blocking and stiffness.

5. Stainless steel threading hose has a certain tension between the edge buckles, in order to prevent the damage of the hose from exposing the lines laid inside the hose, its axial tension can withstand more than six times the nominal inner diameter.

6. Capillary network is a water-collecting structure, which has the characteristics of a large heat transfer area, thin wall, good thermal conductivity, uniform heat transfer, and small hydraulic loss.

7. The raw materials for the capillary network are thermoplastic plastics such as PP-R and PE-RT, which can be hotly melted and molded. They are green and environmentally friendly. They also have the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is easy to install and can effectively use low-grade energy to achieve energy-saving and comfortable results.


1. Iron stainless steel. Its corrosion resistance, toughness, and weldability are further enhanced with the addition of chromium content, usually containing 12%-30% chromium. Its chloride stress resistance and function are superior to those of other stainless steels.

2. Austrian stainless steel containing more than 18% chromium. This kind of stainless steel capillary has good comprehensive function and can resist the erosion of various media.

3. Austrian-ferritic duplex stainless steel. This kind of stainless steel has both the characteristics of austenite and ferrite stainless steel and superplasticity.

4. Horse element stainless steel. This kind of steel has high strength, but its plasticity and weldability are relatively poor.

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