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Excellent Performance of Seamless Hexagonal Steel Tubing

How much do you know about seamless hexagonal steel tubing? Seamless hexagonal steel tubing is a type of stainless steel products, which has been widely used in construction, mechanical manufacturing and other fields. The following seamless hexagonal steel tubing manufacturer gives you a detailed introduction of the function and application scope of seamless hex tubing.

Seamless hexagonal steel tubing is a hollow square section light-weight thin-walled steel tube, also known as steel refrigeration bending profile. It is made of Q235 hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip or coil as base material by cold bending, forming and high frequency welding. Except for wall thickness increasing, the corner dimension and edge flatness of hot-rolled super-thick stainless steel square pipes reach or even exceed the level of resistance welding cold-formed stainless steel square pipes. It has excellent mechanical function, weldability, cold, hot working and corrosion resistance. It has excellent low temperature resistance.

Seamless hexagonal steel tubing are used in construction, mechanical manufacturing, steel construction and other projects. It was also used in many other fields such as shipbuilding, solar power support, steel structure engineering, electric power engineering, power plants, agricultural and chemical machinery, glass curtain wall, automobile chassis, airport, boiler construction, highway railings, housing construction, pressure vessels, oil storage tanks, bridges, power plant equipment, lifting and transportation machinery and other comparative purposes, Welded structural parts with high load and so on.

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