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Hexagonal Steel Tube Must Adapt to Changes in the Economic Structure

The central government has adopted a micro-stimulus approach to release signals of steady growth, and it called for sufficient supply of driving forces for deepening reform, and called for an early and effective implementation of the reform plan. Among them, steel consumption is related to the return on investment in transportation infrastructure, such as railways and ports, new-generation information infrastructure, clean energy projects include major hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic power generation, hexagonal steel tube, oil and gas pipeline network and gas storage facilities, and modern coal chemical and petrochemical industry bases.

For example, according to the research report, China development bank is setting up a residential finance division, which will be used to carry out government-subsidized housing projects, such as shantytown renovation, and it will try to issue 100 billion yuan of loans for shantytown renovation by the end of April. China will speed up the construction of railways, especially those in the central and western regions, with the focus on stability. In 2013, China is expected to open more than 6,600 kilometers of new railway lines, and nearly 80% of China's investment will go to the central and western regions for tax rebates. The implementation of these projects and measures will play a positive role in promoting the steady growth of steel hexagon tube structural adjustment, which also create a certain demand space for rolled steel.

We should see that recently, China is not only in the shift period of economic development and  price index, but also in the period of structural adjustment pain early stimulus legislation digestion. Therefore, although the macroeconomic situation remained basically stable, it was under downward pressure. Although later, steel demand will grow, but the increase will not be too large. The hexagon steel pipe produced by the enterprise should adapt to the change of the economic structure actively, cook the dishes that the guests like in time with high quality, and at the same time control the cost and scale of the restaurant in the market where the demand growth slows down.

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