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Huashang Customized Special Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

WENZHOU HUASHANG STEEL CO., LTD customizes special stainless steel fittings for subsequent precision machining, heat treatment and polishing. Casting stainless steel pipe fittings with high material, size, mechanical properties and surface requirements, etc., in strict accordance with the relevant standards of the industry, are widely used in the field of instruments and medical equipment, and have been sold to various countries and regions.

For medical use, corrosion resistance, easy manufacture and disinfection of precision stainless steel fittings are the key factors to ensure reasonable price, durability and hygiene. To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, hospitals and clinics must regularly clean and disinfect all parts and surfaces. Today, precision stainless steel fittings are used in all kinds of medical furniture, such as tables, trolleys, cabinets, infusion racks, beds, etc., as well as common components such as sinks, shower heads.

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