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Problems Of Stainless Steel Hex Tubing In The Process Of Processing

In the process of manufacturing stainless steel hex tubing, the following problems will arise:

1. Weld defect: The weld defect is serious. The manual mechanical grinding method is used to remedy the defect, resulting in an uneven surface and affecting the beauty.

2. Surface inconsistency: only pickling and passivation of the weld seam will result in an uneven surface, which will influence the beauty of the weld.

3. Scratches are difficult to remove: integral pickling passivation, cannot remove all kinds of scratches produced in the process of processing, and can not remove impurities such as carbon steel and splash adhering to the surface of stainless steel due to scratches and welding splash, which lead to chemical corrosion or electrochemical corrosion and rust in the presence of corrosive media.

4. Non-uniform passivation of grinding and polishing: After manual grinding and polishing, acid pickling and passivation are carried out. It is difficult to achieve uniform and uniform treatment effect for large workpieces, and the ideal uniform surface cannot be obtained. And the cost of working hours and accessories is also higher.

5. Limited pickling ability: pickling passivation paste is not omnipotent. It is difficult to remove the black oxide skin produced by plasma cutting and flame cutting.

The scratches caused by six human factors are more serious: in the process of hoisting, transportation, and structural processing, the scratches caused by knocking, dragging, hammering and other human factors are more serious, which makes surface treatment more difficult, and is also the main cause of rust after treatment.

7 Equipment factors: Scratches and creases are also the main causes of rust after treatment during the bending and bending of profiles and sheets.

Other factors: In the process of purchasing and storing stainless steel raw materials, the bumps and scratches caused by hoisting and transportation are also serious, which is one of the causes of rust.

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