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Brief Description Of Material Specifications Of Seamless Hexagonal Tubing

Hexagonal tubing is a kind of section steel, also known as hexagonal bar, bar with regular hexagonal section. The nominal size is the opposite side length S. Hex tubing can be used to form various stress components according to the different needs of the structure, and it can also be used as a connection between components. It is widely used in various building structures and engineering structures, such as beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container racks and warehouse shelves.

Hexagonal tubing manufacturer mainly produces hexagonal tubing of various specifications and materials, hexagonal tubing, all kinds of metal special-shaped pipes, complete specifications, quality assurance to meet the needs of social production in many ways. The specification is 8-850 mm, wall thickness of 0.2-30 mm, precision of 0.02 mm.

The classification of the hexagonal tubing application material: 20, 45, 16 manganese and other different materials for different purposes.
1. Steel pipes for heat exchangers: specifications are 10-60 mm in diameter, and the number of teeth can be chosen according to user's requirements.
2. Small-caliber special-shaped steel pipe: such as the inner hexagon of the outer circle, the inner square of the outer circle, the inner twelve-corner steel pipe of the outer hexagon, and so on. Specification is 8-60 mm from outside diameter; inner hole can be according to user's requirements.
3. iso-wall special-shaped steel pipe: This kind of pipe can be determined according to user's requirements, and non-standard welded pipe can be produced according to user's requirements.

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