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The Develop Prospect and Strategic Thinking of Chinese Precision Stainless Steel Tubing

With the rapid development of chemical industry in our country, the use of precision stainless steel tubing is more and more widely, domestic stainless steel tubing with more than 10% growth rate every year. At the same time, oil and gas refining and other industries are also doing well. Although the current price of crude oil short pressure, but the future rebound is bound to be more violent, its recovery will lead to oil refining and other industries to further revive.

In use, precision stainless steel tubing in the function of excellent mainly reflected in the high yield strength and stress corrosion resistance, it is with excellent welding, welding cold crack and its heat crack sensitivity are small. In Japan, welded austenitic and ferritic stainless steel tubing account for 54% of piping systems used in petrochemical operations. But our country stainless steel welded tubing is still the first application in the decoration category, in the petrochemical category of corrosion resistance welded pipe root is still weak. Domestic stainless steel in the type of standard quantity and quality, whether from meeting the market demand, or in the national industrial skill level comparison, there is a certain distance.

In addition, how to reduce the cost of precision stainless steel tubing goods is also related to the promotion of domestic dual-phase stainless steel production technology. Of course, it is important to expand output value and produce marketable commodities. However, in the case of chaotic domestic overall industrial structure and reduced anti-risk ability of enterprises, it is easier to help enterprises to grow by reducing costs. At present, choosing molybdenum oxide ball to replace molybdenum and nickel oxide to replace nickel is the mainstream method to reduce production cost, promote the continuous casting skill of stainless steel tube and improve the rate of finished products.

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