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Advantages of Medical Stainless Steel Tubes

The development of medical stainless steel tube is booming nowadays, and it has become the mainstream connecting pipe product because it has the following advantages.

1. The performance and installation advantages of medical stainless steel tubes

It can be done without daily inspection and pipe replacement and has excellent economic performance as a whole. The medical stainless steel tube can almost be used in the building without updating or maintaining it, which can save a lot of time and cost, customer property and the loss of work services tends to zero.

Stainless steel compression fittings can connect the pipelines to each other more safely and reliably, because medical stainless steel tubes have good ability to cope with high-frequency work and can resist severe vibrations, and can completely seal the connection position during installation, and eliminate the possibility of loosening caused by vibration when the union is used in various fields.

Medical stainless steel tube products can also meet various embedded installation needs. At the same time, medical stainless steel tubes can also greatly reduce the possibility of water pipe leakage in an environment that is not easy to handle. It not only reduces the risk of work inspections and replacement equipment, but also It also meets the technical requirements of various standards and specifications. The joints of the pipe fittings are compact and stable, and the body will not cause any damage to the surrounding environment.

The medical stainless steel tube can be convenient and fast during construction, so that the on-site work does not need to adopt complicated processes such as welding or threading, because the use of threading or welding on the spot will make the whole project more laborious and may cause problems. There are risks of environmental pollution and water leakage.

2. The material selection advantages of medical stainless steel tubes

The material selected for medical stainless steel tubes is non-toxic and hygienic stainless steel, which can be said to be the most practical water pipe material in this era. If traditional iron pipe fittings or pipes are still used, it will be easily corroded and rusted by sewage or gas. In severe cases, it will affect the health of the staff.

Stainless steel has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and non-scaling, which can completely eliminate the hidden dangers of water basins and bathtub yellow spots caused by pipeline corrosion. At the same time, the tensile strength of the material has reached 530 N or more. The traditional plastic is only 9% of the medical stainless steel tube material.

The medical stainless steel tube can work continuously in the high temperature of 120 degrees Celsius and the low temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius. It will not be affected at all, and there will be no aging or dissolution. It can be recycled when the equipment is no longer in use. , The service life of the equipment as a whole can reach a long time under long-term continuous working pressure.

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