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Analysis of Causes and Precautions of Oil Leakage in the Use of Hydraulic Tubing

With the popularization of steel hydraulic tubing, the issues of oil leakage from the hydraulic tubing sometimes occurs. So, why do these problems occur? How to prevent it?

1. The first reason for oil leakage in the steel hydraulic tubing

Strong vibration and impact of hydraulic oil during work may cause the loosening of threads of hydraulic tubing joints and then lead to oil leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to check the tightness of the tubing joint regularly.

2. The second reason for oil leakage in the steel hydraulic tubing

If the material of the hydraulic tubing joint is not up to the standard, the 60-degree or 74-degree connection seals will emerge vibration lines and then lead to oil leakage due to the strong vibration in the production process. In this case, imprisonment does not work because the seal has been damaged. It is then necessary to contact technical staff for maintenance.

3. The third reason for oil leakage in the steel hydraulic tubing

Under the influence of working hours and the environment, the aging of the sealing ring and oil seal or damaging during work can also cause oil leakage. In this case, the machine must be replaced. There will be safety hazard if you make do with it because the temperature of the hydraulic oil will be very high during the operation.

4. The fourth reason for oil leakage in the steel hydraulic tubing

The occurrence of oil leakage trouble of the steel hydraulic tubing may be related to the daily operation and use. Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of oil leakage failure of the steel hydraulic tubing, the operators should use hydraulic machinery in accordance with regulations in daily operations and uses. Besides, it is necessary to conduct daily maintenance of machine and the steel hydraulic tubing to reduce oil leakage.

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