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Application Field and Development of Stainless Steel Capillary Tubes

1. Application of stainless steel capillary tubes in the market

A welding technique called silver ring high-frequency welding uses stainless steel capillaries. According to people in the industry, the welding process of this welding technology is relatively complicated, and it is especially suitable for welding with high output. In general, this welding method is a joining process in which molten silver welding rings fill the workpiece gaps and form junctions under the action of stainless steel capillaries. The temperature requirement for welding is between the melting temperature of the base metal and 450 °C, in other words, the temperature requirement is greater than 450 °C and less than the melting temperature of the base metal; this welding technology is widely used due to its economical and practical advantages and strong applicability. It is widely used in various manufacturing systems such as air conditioning and refrigeration, electronic components, and commercial machines.

2. Development of stainless steel capillary tubes

Competition is the origin of social progress. Only with the development of competitive industries can we achieve faster development. The stainless steel capillary tubing industry is no exception. Winning in competition is a problem that every manufacturer thinks about. Stainless capillary tube has gone through ups and downs. Stainless steel capillaries open the way for you to succeed in the industry, and let the new stainless steel capillaries shine on the stage.

Now the steel capillary tube has also made a huge contribution to the development of the entire industry. Created huge wealth for the entire industry. In recent years, as the focus of the rapid economic development has shifted to the big market of China, the development of various domestic industries has entered another period of rapid development. The stainless steel capillary tubing industry is in such a development situation. trend of rapid development. The stainless steel capillary industry is an emerging industry, but its rapid development and wide application have shocked many people. Products using stainless steel capillaries can be seen everywhere in the market. Stainless steel capillaries play an irreplaceable role in contemporary people's life and daily consumption.

With the development of product diversification, stainless steel capillaries are also in order to meet the ever-changing market demand. Now the types of stainless steel capillaries are becoming more and more abundant. From the original single steel capillary tube to the application of the entire production line, the entire stainless steel capillary industry is also It is becoming stronger and stronger, and now the country's processing industry has gradually matured, and can better serve our customers.(You may want to contact stainless steel capillary tube manufacturer)

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