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Application of Stainless Steel Hexagonal Tube

1. It can be used for various antenna tubes, automobile tail antenna tubes, rod antenna tubes, stretching pointers, mobile phone stretching antenna tubes, miniature antenna tubes, laptop antennas, stainless steel antennas.
2. It can be used for various stylus tubes, mobile phone stylus, computer stylus tube.
3. It can be used for temperature sensor tube, sensor tube, barbecue tube, thermometer tube, thermostat tube, instrument tube, thermometer stainless steel tube.
4. It can be used for the pen tube, the core tube and the pen tube in the pen industry.
5. It can be used in various electronic micro tubes, fiber optic fittings, optical hybrids, and small diameter stainless steel capillaries.
6. It can be used in the watch industry, such as the notched tubes and pins, the ear rod, the watch with accessories, and the jewelry punch pin.
7. It can be used for injection needles, puncture needles, and medical industrial tubes in the medical device industry.
8. It can be used for stainless steel tubes for laser engraving equipment.
9. It can be used for fishing gear tubes and fishing rod tubes.
10. It can be used for various food industry tubes and tubes for conveying.
11. It can be used in industrial electric heating pipes and industrial oil pipes.
12. It can be used for various stainless steel tubes such as printers, cartridge needles, coupler fittings, optical isolators, wavelength division multiplexers, and once-sampling double-window couplers.
13. It can be used in various industrial tubes, small diameter precision stainless steel tubes, dispensing needle tubes, precision dispensing needle tubes, stainless steel tube microphones, earphones, microphone tubes, etc.
14. It can be used for toys, aircraft axles, car tubes, electronic tubes, and other stainless steel tubes.

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