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Attention in the Production Process of Medical Grade Capillary

Medical grade capillary production process should pay attention to the five main points:
1. Whether the annealing temperature can reach the regular temperature. Stainless steel thermal treatment is generally accepted solid solution thermal treatment, which is usually called "annealing". The temperature limit is 1040~1120℃(Japanese code). You can also look through the annealing hole. The annealed stainless steel tube should be incandescent, but not showing softening and sagging.

2. Annealing atmosphere. Generally, pure hydrogen is used as annealing atmosphere, and the atmosphere purity is better than 99.99%. If the other part of the atmosphere is inert gas, the purity can be a little lower, but it absolutely can not contain too much oxygen, water vapor.

3. Sealing of furnace body. The bright light annealing furnace should be blocked from the outside air. As long as one vent using hydrogen as maintenance gas is open. The method of introspection can be used to wipe the kitchen water on the joint cracks of the annealing furnace to see if the air can escape. The easiest place to run out of air is the place where the annealing furnace goes in and out of the pipe. This local seal ring is particularly easy to wear, so it should be often reflected and often changed.

4. Maintain air pressure. In order to avoid micro-leakage, the maintenance gas in the furnace should adhere to the inevitable positive pressure. If it is hydrogen maintenance gas, the general requirements is 20kBar above.

5. Water vapor in furnace. On the one hand, examine whether furnace body data can be dried. For the first time to load the furnace, the furnace body data must be dried. Secondly, whether the stainless steel pipe into the furnace can remain too much water stain. If there is a hole in the special pipe, water should not leak in, otherwise the atmosphere of the furnace will be ruined.

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