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Basic Features and Characteristics of the Thin Wall Stainless Steel Pipe

Ⅰ. The basic features of the thin wall stainless steel pipe

The thin wall stainless steel tube is a general term for steel that is resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, and water, and chemically aggressive media such as acid, alkali, and salt. The chromium alloy elements contained in stainless steel will react with oxygen and oxidants in the corrosive medium, and after the reaction, a self-passivating oxide film Cr2O3 will be formed on the surface of the steel. The oxide film can prevent further corrosion of the steel substrate, and the chromium oxide film can be formed immediately in air or water, and can even repair itself after being scratched or damaged.

After the stainless steel pipes and fittings are treated by removing impurities, pickling, and passivation, the thickness of the generated Cr2O3 passivation oxide film can be increased and the density can be uniformly enhanced. When the thin wall stainless steel tube is treated by the polishing process and the stainless steel tube is polished, it can not only eliminate surface defects, but also make the passivation film more delicate and dense to reduce the probability of pitting corrosion. At the same time, after the pipe fittings are polished, the inner wall is smooth and the friction resistance is small, thereby saving energy consumption. Therefore, stainless steel pipes not only have the advantages of high strength, strong corrosion resistance and good toughness, but also have the characteristics of vibration resistance and shock resistance, low temperature brittleness, durability, and recyclability as decorative materials, and are more and more widely used in construction or installation materials.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of the thin wall stainless steel pipe

Through new technology and new process treatment, under the premise of ensuring the use of functions, the thick wall stainless steel water pipes have been changed to thin ones.

If the thin wall stainless steel tube is threaded, the steel pipe must have enough thickness of the thread, so increasing the wall thickness will cause unnecessary waste, and the threading difficulty of the stainless steel pipe is several times that of the ordinary steel pipe, and the installation is extremely difficult. The newly developed compression connection method solves this problem, and has been recognized by the industry in terms of connection performance, construction procedures, installation equipment, etc. It is currently used on a large scale in thin-walled stainless steel gas pipelines with good results.

The thin wall stainless steel pipes have become the highlight of the building materials industry due to their superior wear resistance, excellent mechanical properties, excellent safety and hygiene performance, and good temperature and heat preservation performance. And because of the smooth inner wall and small friction, fashionable and beautiful appearance, 100% recyclable, long service life, wide range, low comprehensive cost and other advantages, it has gradually become one of the most promising new pipes.

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