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Basic Types of Stainless Steel Surface Processing

The multiple surface processing of stainless steel broadens its application fields. Different surface processing types make the surface of stainless steel different, making it unique in its application. In the field of construction applications, the surface processing of stainless steel is important for many reasons.

1. The basic types of stainless steel surface processing

There are roughly five types of surface processing that can be used for stainless steel, and they can be combined to transform into more final products.

The five categories are:

(1) Rolling surface processing

(2) Mechanical surface processing

(3) Chemical surface processing

(4) Textured surface processing and color surface processing

2. Surface roughness of stainless steel

The classification of rolling surface processing and polished surface processing is to indicate the degree that can be achieved, and another effective way to show it is to measure surface roughness. The standard measurement method is called CLA (Center Line Average). The measuring instrument moves laterally on the surface of the steel plate to record the peak and valley changes. And the smaller the CLA number, the smoother the surface.

3.Mechanical polishing

Note: Grinding with sandpaper or belt in the grinding operation is basically a polishing and cutting operation, which will leave very fine lines on the surface of the steel plate. We have had trouble using alumina as an abrasive, partly because of pressure issues. Any abrasive parts of the equipment, such as abrasive belts and grinding wheels, must not be used for other non-stainless steel materials before use, because this will contaminate the stainless steel surface.

4.Rough surface processing

The rough surface processing is one of the most commonly used surface processing methods, which is to polish the surface of the polished or bright annealed steel plate with a nylon abrasive belt or brush.

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