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BDS-3+5G has Spawned New Demand for Stainless Steel Capillary Tubes

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS-3) has been fully completed in 2020. On the morning of July 31, China's BDS-3 was officially opened. Some people predict that the combination of BDS-3+5G will generate new demand and promote the development of more industries, such as the stainless steel capillary industry.

BDS-3 promotes the development of stainless steel capillary tubes:

BDS-3 will play a powerful role in mobile phones, automobiles, smart homes, and smart manufacturing, which will promote the development of many upstream and downstream companies. Among them, stainless steel capillary tubes are widely used, such as automotive sensor probes, electronic product antennas, intelligent manufacturing production line components.

In January this year, China Telecom began to launch Tiantong satellite communication services. Section 1740 was activated to provide communication services for water conservancy, fire fighting, forestry, geology, armed police, electric power, marine fishery and other industries. As a result, the operation of these industries will be developed more efficiently, and there will be greater supply demand in the future, and the stainless steel industry will benefit a lot.

Main area:

The manufacturing industry of Foshan city, Guangdong Province is well-known throughout China, forming household appliances, machinery equipment, ceramics and corresponding upstream and downstream supply chains. Foshan city is located in the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to Shenzhen city, Guangzhou city, Zhuhai city, and Dongguan city. With its unique application and market foundation, its development conditions and development prospects are immeasurable.

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