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Brief Analysis of the Development Prospect of China's Stainless Steel Pipe Market

Generally speaking, the development prospects of China's stainless steel pipe market are showing a good trend. The reasons are as follows:

1. Large demand for building water supply pipelines

According to the calculation of the "Ninth Five-Year Plan for Construction Industry and the Outline of the 2010 Long-Term Goals", the annual demand for pipes from 2001 to 2010 was 500,000 to 600,000 km, of which the demand for hot and cold water pipes in residential buildings was 400,000 km. Some people believe that the development of stainless tube pipes is of great significance to improving the quality of urban modern buildings.

2. The rapid development of stainless pipeline direct drinking water

With the development of the national economy, pipeline direct drinking water has developed rapidly in domestic cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Chongqing. The economically developed medium-sized cities are also actively planning to catch up. In direct drinking water, the stainless steel tube series is undoubtedly second to none. At present, high-end hotels and public places in China have been equipped with direct drinking water pipelines.

3. The prospect of domestic substitution of imports is broad

In order to promote stainless steel pipes, China has started to reduce the wall thickness and cost since the 1990s to solve the technical problem of "high-diameter-to-wall ratio and high-precision" thin wall ss tubings, which has promoted the application of stainless steel pipes and developed rapidly. For a pipeline to be fully popularized and applied, localization is indispensable. At present, some Chinese manufacturers have the ability to produce and further develop thin wall ss tubings and fittings. Therefore, the prospect of thin wall ss tubing is promising.

4. Various connection methods of stainless steel pipes

There are many ways to connect stainless steel pipes. Common types of pipe fittings include compression, compression, articulation, push-in, push-thread, socket welding, articulated flange connection, welding, and welding and traditional connections. Combined derivative series connection mode. These connection methods have different applicable scopes according to their different principles, but most of them are easy to install, firm and reliable. The sealing ring or gasket materials used in the connection are mostly silicone rubber, nitrile rubber and EPDM rubber that meet the requirements of national standards, eliminating the user's worries.

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