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Classification of Boiler Tubes

Seamless steel tubes for boilers are referred to as boiler tubes for short. Boilers used in China are divided into domestic boilers, general industrial boilers, locomotive boilers and thermal power boilers. Thermal power boilers are divided into low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, ultra-high pressure, Sub-critical Pressure and supercritical pressure boilers according to their steam pressure.

According to the classification of boilers, boilers are divided into seamless steel tubes for low and medium pressure boilers and seamless steel tubes for high pressure boilers. Boiler belongs to pressure vessel and belongs to equipment that must ensure safety. Therefore, seamless steel tubes for furnace training should strictly comply with the requirements of national mandatory special pipe standards to ensure product quality in an all-round way.

Low and medium pressure boiler pipes are mainly used to make superheated steam pipes, brush pipes, large smoke pipes, small smoke pipes, arch brick pipes, etc. for low pressure and boilers with low steam pressure (p56MPa), locomotive boilers, general industrial boilers and domestic boilers, and secondary water pipes for power station construction.

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