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Detection And Application of Hexagonal Tube

Detection method

The more traditional one is the magnetic test method, which makes it easy to distinguish whether the material of the hexagonal tube is austenitic stainless steel or ferritic stainless steel. This is because austenitic stainless steel is non-magnetic steel, but it will have mild magnetic properties after cold working under large pressure; and high purity chrome steel and low alloy steel are strong magnetic steel.

Secondly, the nitric acid point test method can also measure the quality of the hexagonal tube material. In the case of high quality stainless steel, it has inherent corrosion resistance to both concentrated nitric acid and dilute nitric acid, making it easy to distinguish from most other metals or alloys. However, if the hex tubing is made of high carbon steel, it will have a small amount of corrosion during the nitric acid test.

If it is a hexagonal tube made of non-ferrous metal or carbon steel, it is more obvious. When the nitric acid test is performed, the former is immediately corroded. The latter is highly corrosive, causing severe damage to the steel.

A similar test method is the copper sulfate point test and the sulfuric acid test method. The copper sulfate spot test is a simple and effective way to quickly distinguish between ordinary carbon steel and all types of stainless steel. However, before the test, it is necessary to thoroughly remove the oil or other impurities from the test area of the steel hex tube and polish it with a sander or a soft cloth to ensure the accuracy of the test.

The sulfuric acid test method can detect which kind of stainless steel material is used for the steel hexagon tube. In the process, if the samples with known compositions are simultaneously tested for approximate comparison, the test can be made more accurately.


Main application areas: building steel structure, large venues, convention center, lifting machinery, shipbuilding, storage shelves, decoration, transportation facilities, airport construction, railway vehicles, bridge supports, mine supports, stereo garages, outdoor advertising, fitness equipment, wind power equipment, vehicle manufacturing and other industries.

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