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What's The Difference Among Weld Neck Flanges, Socket Weld Flanges, Slip On Flanges?

Weld neck vs Slip on flanges:
Weld neck flanges, slip on flanges, socket weld flanges have different production standards, different applicable occasions. In addition, weld neck flange is the interface end pipe diameter and wall thickness is the same as the pipe to be welded.
Slip on flange is the joint being processed to a concave table a little larger than the pipe outside diameter, pipe inserted in the inside for welding. Weld neck flange has better welding performance and less corrosion. Slip on flanges are generally used for low and medium pressure pipelines, weld neck flanges are used for connection of middle and high pressure pipelines, generally at least pn2.5mpa. Weld neck flanges are used to reduce stress concentration.

Features of various forged flanges:
Socket welding flange is suitable for connecting pipe with small diameter, high pressure and high temperature.
Slip on flange is the same with weld neck flange, has a groove cut in the lug and the pipe inserted into it for welding.
Socket weld flange has no boss, directly cut a groove in the flange body, just like a hole in the blind flange, and then cut a groove.
Slip on flange is slightly better than socket weld flange in performance.

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