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Do You Know the Function of Stainless Steel Flange?

Stainless steel flanges are often used in the installation of various pipelines, especially large and long-distance metal pipelines for the long-term use of the pipeline. The so-called stainless steel flange is to use the flange as the interface of the two sections at the connection of the pipeline, instead of directly connecting the pipeline. The advantage is that compared to direct pipe butt joints, the use of stainless steel flanges is safer and more reliable, and the interface is stronger.

The stainless steel flange works by connecting two pairs of stainless steel flanges to the pipe ports that need to be connected and then connecting the two pipes with the flange. Why does that not connect directly, but use such an intermediate? What role does stainless steel flange play in it?

First of all, the interface is often very fragile, and the use of flanges can maintain higher sealing and durability.

Secondly, if a threaded flange is used, it can be easier to replace a section of a broken pipe that needs to be replaced, or it is easier to dismantle when changing the way.

Thirdly, another important function of the flange is that it needs to be blocked in place when a certain section of the pipeline does not need to be connected. At this time, the use of flange can easily seal the pipe. When it needs to be used again, it is easy to open the stainless steel flange and continue to use the connecting pipe.

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