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Extrusion Technology of Stainless Steel Precision Tube

1. The purpose of stainless steel precision tube extrusion

The main purpose of stainless steel precision tubes extrusion is to steadily produce high precision products with small dimensional deviation. One of the main dimensional accuracy problems encountered is eccentricity.

There is always a certain amount of eccentricity in the manufacturing process of stainless steel precision pipe, but the machining error of the extrusion pipe size can be reduced to the minimum by strictly controlling the technological parameters and material flow in the extrusion process.

The eccentricity of precision stainless tubing is mainly caused by temperature gradient of bad material, blank preparation, improper precision and lubrication of equipment. Eccentricity can be caused by one cause or by a combination of the above.

2. The stainless steel precision tube extrusion process

Before you squeeze, the billet temperature distribution should be checked by using a temperature detection device on the billet feeding equipment. The trend of material temperature change should always be displayed on the operating screen. The purpose of the calculation and screen display of the billet temperature trend is to enable the operator to modify the set value of the induction heating furnace top accordingly, to minimize or compensate for the billet temperature gradient detected before the extrusion begins.

High quality extrusion die is also a prerequisite to ensure good machining accuracy and surface quality of stainless steel precision pipes. Because the extrusion dies have to withstand very high temperature and pressure. At each squeeze, a new mold is inserted. In the vast majority of cases, the modules which are used have to be modified and then reused.

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