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How to calculate radius of stainless steel elbow?

I have my own unique views on the calculation formula of stainless steel elbow size. I hope you can learn more from the following experience.

1. 1.5 times the elbow center height = diameter *1.524, which is actually the diameter * multiple. Round the number after the decimal point of the result to an integer. For example, the diameter of 219 is 200, the center height is 200*1.524=304.8, and take 305. The diameter of 114 is 100, the height of the center is 100*1.524=152.4, take 152.

The algorithm applicable to DN100 and above elbow radius of curvature is convenient and fast to calculate.

2. Stamp height = center height + elbow radius, such as 1.5 times the diameter of 219 elbow stamp height =305+219/2=305+109.5=414.5

3. Outer arc length =(center height + radius)*3.14*2/360* degree, i.e. (stamp height)*3.14*2/360* degree, from which it can be calculated that the outer arc length of 90-degree elbow = stamp height *3.14/2.

4. Internal arc length =(center height - radius)*3.14*2/360* degrees.

5. Elbow length = elbow center height *3.14/2* elbow outer diameter/pipe diameter +(pipe wall thickness *3)+ machining allowance, such as using 180*8 pipe cutting, push system 273 elbow, with the above formula can be calculated, blanking length =381*1.57*273/180+24=931.22mm+ machining allowance.

The long and short radius 180 degree steel pipe elbow for your information:

long and short radius 180 degree elbow dimension chart

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Some example pictures of our 180 degree elbow:

180 degree elbow
180 degree elbow
180 degree elbow
180 degree elbow

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