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How to Reduce Energy Consumption of Precision Steel Pipes in the Automobile Manufacturing Industry?

1. Precision steel pipes are used in the automobile manufacturing industry

In the automobile manufacturing industry, the steel pipes used, that is, precision steel pipes. Why choose this type of steel pipe? That is because precision steel pipes reduce a lot of energy consumption. In the production of engines, precision steel pipes must be used. The energy ignited by oil is transmitted to the drive device. On the other hand, the surface of ordinary steel pipes is not so smooth due to technical reasons. This kind of pipeline, in the process of transferring energy, will cause a lot of energy to be extravagantly wasted. Moreover, the fuel must be transported by precision steel pipes from the hydraulic cylinder to the engine. If ordinary steel pipes are used, a lot of energy will also be consumed during transportation. This is why the development speed and driving speed of the previous cars have not been high.

2. How to reduce energy consumption of precision steel pipes?

In the past ten years, the automobile manufacturing industry has entered a new stage of rapid development. Whether it is the maximum speed of the car, or the instantaneous speed of starting, there is often a considerable increase. And it is the precision steel pipe that promotes this change. 

Because of the precision steel pipe, the process of pickling passivation will be added during the production process. This can completely wash off the uneven part of the pipe surface and the convex part. After grinding and polishing, the surface of the pipe will become more and more smooth. When the surface of the pipeline becomes more and more smooth, a lot of sliding friction can be reduced during the operation of the pipeline. In this way, the precision steel pipe consumes less energy in the process of transferring energy.

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