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How to Use the Simplest Method to Detect Whether Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Have Heat Treatment?

How to check whether our stainless steel pipe fittings are heat treated? Isn't the hardness machine test enough?

Absolutely wrong! Why? Because the raw materials of our pipe fittings are divided into seamless steel pipes and plates, which are all heat-treated. Take seamless steel pipes for example. The hardness of the pipe fittings will range from 170HB to 230HB, and the standard hardness value of the pipe fittings is 190HB. If the raw material is steel plate, the hardness of seamed pipe fittings without heat treatment is generally below 190HB, which is completely standard. Thus, if you use a hardness machine to check whether the product has heat treatment, it is totally impossible. You can only use it as a reference.

So what method is simple and fast? Just a strong magnet can be done. You can use the magnet to touch the pipe fittings and see if the magnet will fall by itself. If it does, the product has been heat treated. If not, Either the heat treatment is not done well, or the heat treatment is not done. 

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