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Innovative Development of Precision Steel Pipe Production Technology and Materials

The production process of precision steel pipes is the same as that of ordinary seamless pipes, with an additional pickling and cold rolling process at the end.

Precision steel pipe process:

Tube billet - inspection - peeling - inspection - heating - piercing - pickling passivation - grinding - lubrication and air drying - cold rolling - degreasing - inspection - marking - finished product packaging

Innovative development of precision steel pipe production process and material:

Different from traditional pipe materials, precision steel pipe has seen innovative developments in its production process. The appearance and quality of the pipe itself have been comprehensively improved. Cold rolling technology is a commonly used processing and production method in the manufacture of precision steel pipes. After punching and cold bending processing, the surface of precision steel pipes will see a big difference in terms of flatness and edge dimensions. But overall, the quality of this pipe material is absolutely excellent.

At first, steel pipes and tubes appeared only to serve the bicycle manufacturing industry. However, with the passage of time, steel pipes have been applied in more and more industries, but different industries have different requirements on steel pipes. But the same thing is that all the industries will not directly use the steel pipe after purchasing it. Especially in some manufacturing industries, steel pipes need to be processed after some subsequent processing before they are put into use. Not all steel pipes can withstand some complicated procedures. Ordinary steel pipes, after being folded, will have various fold lines on tits surface, but precision steel pipes can go through a variety of complex deformation processing.

Precision steel pipe is a type of steel pipe that has newly emerged over the last few years, and immediately attracts the interest of many industries. Compared with ordinary steel pipes, precision steel pipes have many advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that the hardness of precision steel pipes will not change after deformation, which is impossible for ordinary steel pipes. Because many industries use steel pipes, they will process the pipes to a certain extent. As for ordinary steel pipes, they have no stable performance. So after going through these processing procedures, the hardness of different parts of the ordinary steel pipes will change.

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