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Introduction of Hexagonal Steel Tube

Hexagonal steel tube is a kind of hexagonal (hexagonal) steel pipe which is made of steel. It is also called special-shaped steel pipe. Among hexagonal pipes, there are octagonal, rhombic and elliptical tubes.

Hexagonal steel tube is the general name of steel pipe with other cross-section shapes besides circular pipe. It has welded special-shaped pipe and seamless special-shaped pipe. Because of the material relationship, stainless steel special-shaped pipe is generally more than 304 material, 200, 201 material hardness strong wind, it is more difficult to shape.

Hexagonal steel tube is widely used in various structural parts, tools and mechanical parts. Compared with circular pipe, stainless steel special-shaped pipe generally has larger inertia moment and section modulus, has greater flexural and torsional resistance, can greatly reduce the weight of the structure and save steel.

Hexagonal steel tubes are mostly distinguished according to the broken section and the overall shape. They can be generally divided into elliptical, triangular, hexagon steel pipes. Diamond shaped pipe, stainless steel pattern pipe, stainless steel U-shaped pipe, D-shaped pipe, stainless steel elbow, S-shaped pipe elbow, octagonal shaped pipe, semi-circular shaped steel circle. Hexagonal tubing steel with unequal edges, plum blossom shaped steel pipe with five petals, double convex shaped steel pipe, double concave shaped steel, melon seed shaped steel pipe, conical shaped steel pipe, corrugated shaped steel pipe, etc.

Hexagonal steel tube
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