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Manufacturing Method of Hydraulic Tubing

1. Material Preparation:

1) Before crimping the pipe fittings, first determine the material of the hydraulic tubing, the inner diameter of the hydraulic tubing, the number of steel wire layers of the hydraulic tubing, the length of the hydraulic tubing, the type and size of the joint.

2) The corresponding joint sheath is determined according to the number of steel wire layers of hydraulic oil pipe (generally, one layer of the sheath is selected for low-pressure oil pipe, the two-layer sheath is used for two-layer steel wire, the three-layer sheath is selected for three-layer steel wire, and so on).

3) After all the above data are confirmed, the material can be cut according to the required hydraulic tubing length, and the hydraulic tubing joints and quantity of the corresponding specifications can be selected.

4) After the cutting is completed, the hydraulic tubing is stripped. Small-scale production can be stripped with a wallpaper knife. For large-scale production, it is best to use a more efficient stripping machine. The stripping length is about 4/5 of the sheath length. The stripping standard is to strip the steel wire in the hydraulic tubing.

2. Withholding Process:

1) Select and replace the corresponding mold according to the specifications of the hydraulic tubing, turn on the power of the crimping machine to prepare for the start of the crimping work.

2) The pre-assembly of the compression fitting is one of the most important links in the crimping process, which directly affects the tightness of the crimping pipe.

3) Put the adjusted oil pipe joint into the crimping machine, and start the crimping work button on the machine for crimping work. If it is an automatic buckle press, the machine will stop automatically after the buckling work is completed, and the mold will also open automatically. Take out the hydraulic oil pipe, and the next hydraulic oil pipe can be buckled.

3. Inspection of Hydraulic Tubing

1)After the hydraulic tubing is buckled, the external part of the hydraulic oil pipe joint should be observed. The joint sheath tightly covers the external rubber of the hydraulic oil pipe. It is appropriate to bend the sleeve by hand and there will be no gap between the sleeve and the external rubber of the hydraulic oil pipe, and the inner core of the joint will not be seriously deformed.

2)Use a slender steel wire or rod to extend into the inner core of the joint, and gently tentatively rub around the inner core wall. If the inner core wall is smooth and smooth, it means that the joint is qualified.

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