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Difference Between Edible Stainless Steel, Medical Stainless Steel And Ordinary Stainless Tube

1. Food grade stainless steel

Food-grade stainless steel is not edible, and it must not be edible, such as spoon, which is made of food-grade stainless steel 304. It can directly contact raw and cooked food, not rusty.

2. Medical grade stainless steel

Medical grade stainless tubing is also directly contacting aseptic and harmless, such as scalpel, disinfection equipment, disinfection box, 304 stainless steel materials. It is strictly forbidden to use 201,202 stainless irons.

The main difference between 304 Medical grade stainless tubing and non- medical grade stainless tubing is the content of harmful elements contained in it.

The content of harmful elements in medical grade must be below the national standard, and the non-medical grade is mainly used for industrial or civil use.

Harmful elements mainly refer to sulfur, phosphorus, lead, 6-valent chromium and so on.

As for surface treatment, it is not a means to distinguish. It is only a process. The inner and outer surfaces are of high smoothness, and the adhesion of media is seldom conducive to corrosion resistance. The less the liquid medium retained on the inner surface of the tube with high smoothness is, the more favorable it is for washing, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

3. Ordinary stainless steel

Common stainless steel is rich in types, 201, 202, chromium steel, stainless steel 301, 302, 316 and so on.

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