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Precautions for Polishing the Stainless Steel Tube Pipe

Ⅰ. Reasons for the low gloss of stainless steel pipes

Stainless steel tubes are currently essential heat exchange elements used in chemical production and operation. Consumers favor stainless steel tubes because of their strong corrosion resistance and long life. They can be arranged in triangles or equilateral triangles in heat exchangers. However, if we observe, we will find that many stainless steel pipes look very dark. What is going on? How do we solve this problem?

The stainless steel pipe looks black, which may be because the raw material of the stainless steel pipe is not good. Maybe the stainless steel pipe is produced with an inferior stainless steel strip, or the hardness of the stainless steel is too low, or the thickness of the stainless steel pipe is too thin or too thick, or the stainless steel surface is scratched. Marks, pitting, scratches, blisters, etc., will make the stainless steel tube produced with low gloss and appear black, which may also be due to polishing. There is a problem with the stainless steel pipe, which causes the surface of the produced stainless steel pipe to be relatively dull, and the gloss is not high.

Ⅱ. Polishing treatment of the stainless steel pipe

Now that we understand the reasons for the blackening of stainless steel pipes, we naturally know how to solve them. Next, we will focus on the polishing treatment of stainless steel pipes. The following issues should be paid attention to when polishing stainless steel pipes:

1. Choose a suitable stainless steel thickness, the thickness is between 0.52-1.1mm, so that the polishing effect of the stainless steel tube will be good, and the gloss will be high.

2. When polishing stainless steel pipes with a machine, clean the surface of the stainless steel welded pipe and clean the hands of the operator to avoid dust and particles from affecting the polishing effect. To improve the polishing effect, we should avoid using some heat-prone methods or even tools. Among them, the heat generated by the polishing wheel can easily cause "orange peel."

3. When polishing stainless steel pipes, the polished steel pipes should be fixed not to damage the surface or workpiece during the processing. Each polishing time should not be too long. Because if the polishing time of the stainless steel tube is too long, "orange peel" and "pitting" will appear on the surface of the stainless steel tube, which will affect the look after polishing. When the polishing is completed, the surface of the workpiece should be carefully checked and removed. All abrasives and lubricants are finally sprayed with an anti-mildew and anti-rust coating.

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