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Representation of Special-shaped Hexagonal Steel Tube Specifications

Special-shaped hexagonal steel tube is a more conventional special-shaped steel tube shape. The most common on the market is the hexagonal steel tube. Basically, it can be produced by special-shaped steel tube manufacturers, but each manufacturer has different processes and technologies, and the quality of the products is also not very good. same. So what is the way to express the specifications of special-shaped hexagonal steel tubes?

1. Special-shaped hexagonal steel tube specifications

The specifications of special-shaped hexagonal steel tubes can be divided into two types: small-diameter and large-diameter. The production difficulty of small-diameter hexagonal steel tubes is generally more complicated than that of large-diameter steel tubes. Small-diameter hexagonal steel tube refers to the outer diameter of 100mm or less, and the large diameter refers to the outer diameter of 100mm or more. The outer diameter of the special-shaped steel hex tube ranges from 6 to 100mm, and the wall thickness ranges from 1 to 20mm.

2. The performance of special-shaped hexagonal steel tube

The specification of special-shaped hex tubing is generally expressed in terms of the distance between two parallel sides of the steel tube or the distance between two corresponding corners. And also need to provide the inner hole size of the hexagonal steel tube, if it is an outer hexagonal inner circle steel tube, the round size of the inner hole must be provided. In addition, the angle value R of the hexagon steel tube is also very important. The angle value indicates the size of the angle, generally from R5 to R1. If the value is smaller, the angle is more pointed.  A complete specification of special-shaped hexagonal steel tube needs to provide both side-to-side and corner-to-corner dimensions 30*33*21*R1.5. If the customer provides more complete dimensions when inquiring, the manufacturer's quotation will be more precise.

3. The production process of special-shaped hexagonal steel tube

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