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Six Reasons for Stainless Steel Pipe Rusting

(1) The spalling and trachoma of the stainless steel pipe strip will lead to rust, and the unqualified raw material will lead to rust.

(2) The annealed steel strip becomes black and ammonia leakage from the perforated furnace lining will lead to rust.

(3) Stainless steel piping plant's welds are roughly polished and black lines will lead to rust.

(4) In the transport process, dealers do not pay attention to the maintenance of the pipeline so stainless steel pipe tubing will be contaminated and corrosive chemical products are mixed or transported in rain days. The rain will penetrate the packaging film, resulting in rust.

(5) When cutting stainless steel or iron, manufacturers for processing stainless steel pipe will spill iron chips to the surface of the steel pipe, leading to rust.

(6) Users in highly polluted areas such as waterfront, chemical plants, brick factories, electroplating pickling plants, water plants, sewage treatment plants, etc. use corrosive chemical products to clean stainless steel tubes, which may lead to rust.

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