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The Role of Stainless Steel Capillary in the Refrigerator

The stainless steel capillary is an important part of the refrigerator, and its main function is to reduce the pressure. The high-pressure liquid refrigerant inside the condenser is throttled by a stainless steel capillary tube with a length of 1 to 3 meters, so the flow rate slows down and the pressure decreases, helping lower the boiling point to ensure that the refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator to absorb heat. In addition to throttling and decompression functions, the stainless steel capillary has two functions.

1. Refrigeration

The stainless steel capillary plays the role of reducing the pressure of the high-pressure liquefied refrigerant transported by the compressor and improving the efficiency of the cold and heat exchange. Because the gas discharged from the compressor is high-temperature and high-pressure, it is condensed and dissipated by the condenser into a low-temperature and high-pressure liquid, which is then filtered to remove impurities, and turned into a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid through the stainless steel capillary. The low-temperature and low-pressure liquid refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator to absorb the heat in the refrigerator and freezer, helping turning the liquid into a low-temperature and low-pressure gas. The gas then is compressed into a high-temperature and high-pressure gas by a compressor to form a cycle.

2. Improving exchange efficiency

The temperature of the low-temperature and low-pressure liquid passing through the capillary tube is still higher than that passing through the air return tube. The stainless steel capillary tube suppliers work out a good solution in which the capillary tube is wrapped around the air return tube. In this way, the temperature of the refrigerant passing through the capillary tube can be lowered to ensure it is completely evaporated in the evaporator, and the low-temperature and low-pressure gas refrigerant passing through the air return pipe can be preheated before entering the compressor, thereby improving the efficiency of compressor.

In general, the stainless steel capillary in refrigerators acts as a fitting of the cold and heat exchange device, which is the pipe fitting of the refrigeration equipment.

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