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Various Processing Methods of Medical Stainless Steel Tubes

According to different applications, medical stainless steel pipes have different processing methods, such as cold drawing, welding and stamping. The following is a specific introduction to various processing methods of stainless steel pipes.

1. Cold-drawn deep processing of medical stainless steel tubes

It is easy to generate frictional heat, so please use high-pressure and heat-resistant medical stainless steel tube. At the same time, the oil adhering to the surface should be removed after molding.

2. Processing and welding of medical stainless steel tubes

Before welding, rust, oil, water, paint, etc., which are harmful to welding, should be thoroughly removed, and electrodes suitable for steel grades should be selected. The time interval for spot welding is shorter than that for carbon steel spot welding. Weld slag should be removed with a medical stainless steel tubing brush. After welding, the surface should be polished or cleaned to prevent localized corrosion or loss of strength.

3. Medical stainless steel tube cutting and stamping

Since stainless steel pipes are stronger than general materials, higher pressures are required during the stamping and cutting process. When the knife-to-knife clearance is accurate, poor cuts and work hardening do not occur. It is best to use plasma or laser cutting, when gas cutting or arc cutting must be used, the heat affected zone is ground and heat treatment is required.

4. Processing and bending of medical stainless steel tubes

Sheets can be bent up to 180 degrees, but to reduce cracks on curved surfaces, the same radius is best 2 times the thickness of the sheet. When the thick plate is bent in the rolling direction, 2 times the thickness of the plate is given. When bending in the vertical direction, the radius must be 4 times the thickness of the plate, especially when welding, in order to prevent machining cracks, the surface of the welding area should be polished.

5. Construction and construction precautions of medical stainless steel tubes

In order to prevent scratching and adhesion of contaminants during construction, stainless steel construction was carried out in a film-forming state. However, over time the residue of the paste will depend on the life of the membrane. After construction, the surface should be cleaned after removing the film, and should be cleaned with special medical grade stainless steel tubing tools.

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