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What Are the Cooling and Shaping Methods for Stainless Steel Coils?

1. Types of stainless steel coiled tubes

Stainless steel industrial tubes, coils, U -shaped tubes, pressure tubes, heat exchange tubes, fluid tubes, and spiral coils. Stainless steel coil product features: High temperature resistance to steam, impact corrosion and ammonia corrosion; Anti-scaling, not easy to stain, corrosion resistance; Long service life, reduced maintenance time and cost saving; Good pipe assembly technology, direct pipe replacement, reliable; The pipe wall is uniform, and the wall thickness is only 50% of that of copper pipe -70%, the overall thermal conductivity is better than that of copper tubes; it is an ideal heat exchange product for the transformation of old units and the manufacture of new equipment. It can be widely used in petrochemical, electric power, nuclear industry, medicine, food and other industries.

2. Use of stainless steel coiled tubes

(1) Industrial stainless steel coils tubing: heat exchangers, boilers, petroleum, chemicals, fertilizers, chemical fibers, pharmaceuticals, nuclear power, etc.

(2) Fluid stainless steel coil: beverage, beer, milk, water supply system, medical equipment, etc.

(3) Stainless steel coil for mechanical structure: printing and dyeing, printing, textile machinery, medical equipment, kitchen equipment, automobile and ship accessories, construction and decoration, etc.

(4) Stainless steel bright coil: the stainless steel strip is welded, and then the wall is reduced from thick to thin. This process can make the wall thickness uniform and smooth, and the wall is reduced to stretch the pipe wall to form a weld-free effect. is seamless pipe according to the naked eye, but its process decision is welded pipe. The process of wall reduction is accompanied by bright annealing, so that the inner and outer walls will not form an oxide layer, and the inner and outer walls are bright and beautiful. The next process requires sizing, i.e. large and small process, to determine the outer diameter, the outer diameter tolerance can generally reach plus or minus 0.01 mm.

3. Cooling and setting methods of stainless steel coiled tube

Stainless steel coil tube is an ideal heat exchange product for the transformation of old units and the manufacture of new equipment. Do you have a general understanding of the cooling and shaping knowledge of stainless steel coil? Let's briefly introduce the relevant knowledge.

(1) Vacuum method

The outer surface of the pipe is sucked on the inner wall of the shaping sleeve to cool the outer diameter of the shaping sleeve. This method is especially suitable for extrusion of high molecular weight polyethylene stainless steel coil.

(2) Internal pressure method

It is the use of stainless steel coil pressurized compressed air, tube plus cooling shaping sleeve, so that the outer surface of the pipe attached to the shaping sleeve rapid cooling hardening of the outer size of the method, the pipe through the traction device evenly led out.

(3) Setting mouth sizing (ejector method)

This method does not use a traction device to directly ejector the stainless steel coil. The structure of the ejection method is that the straight part of the core die is about 10-50mm longer than the die. The screw thrust pushes the pipe out of the machine head and directly pushes it into the cooling water tank. The outer surface of the pipe is cooled and hardened, and the inner surface is sleeved on the mandrel and cannot be shrunk and shaped.

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