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What Are the Factors That Affect the Gloss of Stainless Steel Surface?

Stainless steel pipes and tubes can be seen everywhere in today's life. According to different processing techniques, the surface gloss of stainless steel pipes is also different. The surface of polished pipes is bright, while some pipes are matte. Different processing techniques have different effects on the surface gloss of stainless steel pipes.

1. Factors affecting gloss of stainless steel pipes and tubes

The first should be the quality of the steel strip. No matter any product is of good quality, it is guaranteed. It is not only the quality but also the finished product. It is difficult to make high-brightness stainless steel pipes and tubes with inferior stainless steel materials, or it is more expensive to make processes than high-quality stainless steel belts. The content of chromium and nickel in high-quality stainless steel belts also affects the gloss of stainless steel pipes made of them.

The second is the manufacturing process. The polishing of stainless steel pipes during production has a great influence on the brightness of stainless steel pipes. When polishing, polishing equipment, polishing wax and polishing workers' technology all determine the brightness of the finished stainless steel pipe.

Furthermore, the thickness of the pipe. Many manufacturers also like to produce stainless steel pipes of medium thickness, such as stainless steel pipes with a solid thickness of 0.52mm to 1.1mm, which have better effects during polishing. Because thin pipes are afraid of deformation caused by large friction during polishing, and thick stainless steel pipes are afraid that small friction during polishing will not achieve the expected effect.

Finally, there is a question about the copper content. The content of copper is mainly aimed at 201 stainless steel. Among the 201 stainless steel, there is a high-quality stainless steel strip with high copper content, and the copper content directly affects not only the toughness of the 201 stainless steel pipe, but also the brightness of the 201 stainless steel pipe. However, this is aimed at high copper 201 stainless steel. Some inferior 201 stainless steel does not even contain copper.

2. Maintenance methods of precision stainless tubing

If you want to maintain a bright and shiny precision stainless steel pipe, you need to do a good job of maintenance under the condition of application or storage, so as to ensure that the stainless steel pipe has a longer service life.

(1) If dirt or oil stains are found on the surface of the stainless steel pipe, we should immediately use the stainless steel plate to clean up the powder and keep the stainless steel pipe clean and bright.

(2) In the whole process of application and storage, attention should also be paid to prevent the contact with chloride ion content, but such paints and neutral self-adhesive labels in common application can still be used normally.

(3) It is also necessary to minimize the friction with the copper, and pay attention not to touch various items containing acidic substances.

(4) Prevent storage in a wet and cold natural environment. Because in a humid and cold natural environment, it is likely to react with wet and cold gas, thereby destroying the protective film on the surface of the stainless steel pipe and promoting the corrosion of the stainless steel pipe.

(5) In addition, it should be noted that different seamless steel pipes do not have to be piled up together. Due to inseparable touch, potential difference will be caused, resulting in electrochemical reaction, especially in the natural environment with ice, water and electricity will accelerate the corrosion of stainless steel pipes. Therefore, in order to avoid electrochemical reactions, stainless steel pipes do not have to be stacked with seamless steel pipes of other raw materials.

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