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What Are the Factors that Determine the Surface Quality of Stainless Steel Capillaries?

Do you know what controls the surface quality of stainless steel capillaries? In addition to basic mechanical properties such as good tensile resistance, corrosion resistance and high hardness, the high-quality capillary should also have a good appearance with a standard brightness. However, it should be noted that the brightness of small-caliber stainless steel pipes will decrease due to improper operation or insufficient preparation during processing.

Important factors affecting the surface quality of stainless steel capillary tubes:

An important factor deteriorating the surface quality of stainless steel capillary tubes is the emulsion with a high oil content. Emulsion is an essential solution for processing stainless steel plates in cold rolling mills, and plays an important role in the smoothing and cooling of stainless steel plates. However, if the emulsion contains oil, the oil will be decomposed into carbon at a high temperature. If the oil in the emulsion is not removed in time after being carbonized, it will accumulate on the surface of the tube and form indentations after the rolling process.

The importance of impurity cleanup:

The stainless steel capillary emulsion contains a large amount of oil, which will be carbonized at a high temperature and then accumulate on the inner wall of the repair cover after annealing. In other processes, carbon black will be brought to the surface of the small-diameter stainless steel pipe, thereby covering the surface of the pipe and affecting the pipe appearance and quality. After a long time, many impurities such as oil, carbon black and dust will accumulate on the convection plate and furnace. If not cleaned up in time, these impurities will also fall on the surface of the stainless steel plate.

In fact, the chemical composition and surface finish of the capillary are closely related to the cleanliness of the manufacturing environment. As long as the convection plate, furnace chamber and the inner wall of the inspection cover are cleaned up in time, the surface quality of the stainless steel capillary can be indirectly improved.

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