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What Are the Main Factors Affecting the Price of Seamless Steel Pipes?

How much is a ton of seamless steel pipes? There are many factors that affect the price of seamless steel pipes. First of all, steel pipes are different from standard parts. They are customized products according to customers' different requirements for product performance and size. Therefore, the price of seamless steel pipes is also different. All the same, the following factors determine how much a ton of seamless steel pipe is:

1. The biggest factor affecting the steel pipe price is raw materials

The raw materials are different between large steel mills and small steel mills. The round steel of large steel mills is of good quality and guaranteed, while the quality of small steel mills often fails to meet the requirements. The seamless steel pipes processed in the later stage will have pits and burrs. For a series of problems, there will be a difference of about 1,000 yuan per ton in the price of round steel. The round steel purchased by WENZHOU HUASHANG STEEL CO.,LTD is purchased from well-known large manufacturers such as Zhongtian, Huaigang, Jiangyin Xingcheng, etc., ensuring the quality of steel pipes from the source.

2. The customer's requirements for the product determine the steel pipe price

The accuracy of the product required by the customer directly determines the difficulty and length of time for seamless steel pipe production. For example, the higher the straightness requirement of the customer, the corresponding straightening cost will be incurred in the later stage, and the internal and external surface The higher the requirements, the more our processing passes will increase, and the more processing passes, the corresponding cost will increase. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the accuracy requirements as much as possible while meeting the requirements of customers, which will also reduce customers' unnecessary costs.

3. The delivery status is the third factor affecting the price of seamless steel pipes

The delivery status of seamless steel pipes is also a factor that affects the price. There are four different delivery statuses: cold drawn, finish rolled, bright and annealed, and the prices are definitely different.

The above three are the main factors that affect the cost of seamless steel pipe per ton. Some customers have requirements on the size, which need to be fixed to length or doubled, or the packaging needs to be oiled and plastic film, and the production time needs to be expedited. It will also affect the final price.

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