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What is Stainless Steel Threaded Pipe and What is Its Function?

Stainless steel threaded pipe, also known as low-finned tube, mainly relies on the external fins to increase the heat transfer area, and is generally used when the heat transfer coefficient inside the tube is more than twice as large as the heat transfer coefficient outside the tube. For external condensation and boiling, it also has a good enhancement effect due to the action of surface tension.

As the core component of the heat exchanger, the heat transfer tube can improve the heat transfer performance of the heat exchanger, control the volume and quality of the heat exchanger, save materials, and is of great significance to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of the heat exchanger. Compared with traditional smooth tubes, high-efficiency heat transfer tube technology has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, difficult fouling, small volume, and material saving. With the rise of copper prices, the price of stainless steel tubes has greatly decreased, and the technology of stainless steel tube manufacturers is continuously improving. Stainless steel threaded pipe as a substitute with excellent performance and low cost, has a broad application prospect.

Stainless steel threaded pipe has a high heat transfer coefficient.

The threaded tube is a high-efficiency heat transfer element made of purple copper or stainless steel with a high heat transfer coefficient. The heat exchanger made of it forms strong turbulence when the fluid resistance is large, which increases the heat dissipation coefficient inside and outside the tube.

Stainless steel threaded pipe has a compact structure.

The unit volume heat transfer area of the stainless steel threaded tube product is large. The total heat transfer coefficient is high, which reduces the occupied area and saves materials and space.

Stainless steel threaded pipe is not easy to foul.

Due to the special concave-convex structure of the threaded tube, there are multiple flow layers and rotational flushing effects inside and outside the tube. The thermal elongation and cold contraction of the pipeline will not leave impurities inside and outside the tube wall, and it is not easy to foul, and the long-term operation effect is good.

Stainless steel threaded pipe is not easy to leak.

The sealing circumference of the stainless steel threaded tube product is short, the coarse teeth of the threaded tube are similar to the expansion joint, and they have their own compensation ability. The heat exchanger has small thermal stress and is not easy to leak.

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