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What to Keep in Mind When Processing Stainless Steel Welded Tubes?

The processing methods of stainless steel welded tubes are summarized by Wenzhou Huashang stainless steel welded tube manufacturers and summarized here. What should be noticed during the processing?

Processing methods for stainless steel weld tube fittings:

  • Cold drawing: It is prone to produce frictional heat, so high-strength and heat-resistant stainless steel tubes should be used. After forming, the oil adhering to the surface should be removed.

  • Welding: Harmful rust, oil, water, paint, etc. that are harmful to welding should be completely removed before stainless steel weld tube fittings are welded. Select the appropriate welding rod for the steel type. The spot welding time is shorter than the distance between carbon steel spot welding, and a stainless steel brush should be used to remove the welding slag. After welding, the surface should be polished or cleaned to prevent local corrosion or strength reduction.

  • Cutting and stamping: Due to the higher tensile strength of stainless steel welded tubes than general materials, higher pressure is required for stamping and shearing. When the clearance between the blade and the blade is accurate, no bad shearing and work hardening can be performed. Plasma or laser cutting is better. When gas cutting or arc cutting must be used, the heat-affected zone should be polished and necessary heat treatment should be performed.

  • Bending: Thin plates can be bent to 180°, but in order to reduce the cracks on the bending surface, the radius of the same size should be twice the thickness of the plate. When bending the thick plate along the rolling direction, give a radius of 2 times the thickness of the plate, and when bending perpendicular to the rolling direction, give a radius of 4 times the thickness of the plate. Especially when stainless steel weld tube fittings are welded, the welding area should be polished to prevent crack formation during processing.

Construction and construction precautions for stainless steel welded tubes:

  • It should be noted not to let strongly corrosive magnets and cleaning agents come into contact with the surface of stainless steel weld tube fittings. If they come into contact, they should be washed immediately. After construction, neutral detergent and water should be used to wash off cement, gray powder and other dirt attached to the surface.

  • In order to prevent scratches and contaminants during construction, stainless steel construction should be carried out under the film state. However, as time goes on, the residual adhesive should be removed according to the use period of the film, and the surface should be washed when the film is removed after construction. When using shared tools with general steel for cleaning, in order to prevent iron filings from sticking, they should be cleaned.

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