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What to Pay Attention to when Welding Precision Steel Pipe

1. The welding pressure of precision steel pipes will affect the strength and toughness

The size of the welding pressure directly affects the strength and toughness of the precision steel pipe weld. If the applied welding pressure is small, the metal welding edge will not be fully pressed together, and the residual non-metallic inclusions in the weld will not be easily discharged due to the low pressure, the weld strength will be reduced, and it will be easy to crack after being stressed.

On the contrary, if the welding pressure is too high, most of the metal that reaches the welding temperature will be squeezed out, which will not only reduce the strength of the steel pipe weld, but also cause defects such as excessive internal and external burrs or lap welding. Therefore, in the welding process, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate welding pressure according to the actual specifications. According to practical experience, the unit welding pressure is generally 20-40MPa. In addition, the determination of the welding squeeze amount is mainly controlled by adjusting the distance between the squeezing rollers.

2. The welding speed in precision steel pipe welding will affect the quality

In the welding of precision steel pipes, the welding speed used will also directly affect its quality. Moreover, the welding speed is related to the heating speed, the welding seam deformation speed and the mutual crystallization speed. For high-frequency precision steel pipes, usually the welding quality will increase as the welding speed increases. As it will have a greater impact on the welding quality of steel pipes, this must be noted. Under normal circumstances, the length of the opening angle should be adjusted according to different specifications without affecting the welding quality.

In some cases, it is also necessary to choose a suitable magnet. Especially in the production of some high-frequency steel pipe products, it is widely used as an intensifying element, so that the electromagnetic energy is more concentrated on the welding surface of the pipe seam to increase the welding speed. Moreover, in the production process, water should be fully cooled, so as not to cause the magnetic rod to break due to unsatisfactory cooling quality, which affects the welding quality of precision steel pipes.

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