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Working Principle and Replacement Method of SS Capillary Tubes

Dimensions of ss capillary tube

Outer diameter: 0.3-10.0 mm; Thickness: 0.1-2.0 mm; Length: Variable length, can be produced according to customer's requirements.

Working principle and replacement method of ss capillary tube

The working principle and replacement method of capillary are mainly divided into four processes: compression, condensation, throttling and evaporation. The throttling process is completed by capillary. The capillary tube throttles the high-pressure and medium-temperature refrigerant liquid from the condenser into a low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant liquid (including some gases). After throttling, the refrigerant flows through the evaporator to absorb the heat in the tank and achieve the purpose of cooling. The air is sucked in by a repair valve connected to the process port of the compressor and ejected from the open end of the capillary. When the pressure of the low pressure gauge connected to the process port is equal to that of the atmospheric pressure, the pressure of the high pressure gauge connected to the condenser outlet and the filter should be kept at 1-1.2 MPa. If the pressure of the high pressure gauge is too high, a section of the capillary can be cut off properly. If the pressure of the pressure gauge is too low, a longer capillary or a smaller inner diameter should be used instead. If the difference is not large, the capillary can also be coiled into a spiral spring. The smaller the diameter of the disc, the more the number of circles, the greater the flow resistance in the tube and the higher the high pressure. This can also adjust the capillary fluid supply. Usually the new capillary should be selected a little longer, so that it is easy to adjust.

Packaging of stainless steel capillary

A) Plastic film bags; B) If necessary, then packed in wooden boxes.

stainless steel capillaries
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