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What is socket weld?

Socket weld is to extend the pipe into the valve body for welding, forming and internal thread connection with similar shape. Generally speaking, socket welding often use carbon steel pipe and stainless steel pipe sizes under 2 inch.

1. Socket welding forms fillet weld, while neck welding forms butt weld. From the strength of the weld, stress conditions and other analysis, the neck welding is better than the socket welding, so in the higher pressure level and poor conditions, it’s suggested to use neck welding.

2. Socket welding is generally used for small pipe diameter less than or equal to DN40, which is relatively economical. Neck welding is generally used above DN40. Socket welding connection is mainly used for small caliber valves and pipelines, pipe fittings and pipe welding. Small diameter pipe wall thickness is generally thin, easy to wrong side and ablative, welding difficult, more suitable for socket welding. In addition, socket welding socket has the role of reinforcement, so can be used in high pressure. However, socket welding also has disadvantages. One is that the stress condition after welding is not good, which is easy to occur in the case of incomplete welding, and there are gaps in the pipe system. Therefore, socket welding should not be used in the pipe system which is used for the gap corrosion sensitive medium and the pipeline system with high cleaning requirements. Moreover, the ultra-high pressure pipeline, even if the small diameter of the pipe wall thickness is also very large, can be used to welding connection as far as possible to avoid socket welding.

3. The former shall have a large diameter and a small diameter before it can be inserted into the welding; the latter may have the same or different diameters.

4. Socket welding is mostly used for low-caliber welding, while neck welding is usually used for high-caliber welding. The neck welding shall be tested 100% to ensure no leakage.

5. Socket welding is to insert the pipe into the welding, neck welding is directly opposite to the pipe mouth welding. Generally, neck welding requires higher requirements than socket welding, and the quality after welding is good, but the detection means is relatively strict. For neck welding, radiographic inspection should be done. Socket welding should be done with magnetic powder or penetration detection (like carbon steel as magnetic powder and stainless steel as penetration). If the pipe fluid welding requirements are not high, it is recommended to use socket welding, convenient detection.

There is no groove problem;
There is no pairing problem;
The welding position can be adjusted as flat welding.

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