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UNS N06625/DIN W. NR. 2.4856

Product description

Rod and bar ASTM B 446 DENSITY 8.44 g/cm 3
Plate, sheet and strip ASTM B 443,B 906
Seamless pipe and tube ASTM B 444, B 829
Welded pipe ASTM B 705, B 775
Welded tube ASTM B 704, B 751
Fitting ASTM B 366 MELTING
Billet and bar for reforging ASTM B 472
Forging ASTM B 564

% Ni Cr Mo Nb+Ta Fe Al Ti C Mn Si Co P S
MIN 58.00 20.00 8.00 3.15
MAX 23.00 10.00 4.15 5.00 0.40 0.40 0.10 0.5 0.5 1 0.015 0.015

Alloy 625 has excellent strength at temperatures up to 816℃.
At higher temperatures, its strength is generally lower than that of other solid solution strengthened alloys.
Alloy 625 has good oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 980℃ and shows good resistance to aqueous corrosion,
but is relatively moderate compared to other more capable corrosion resistant alloys.

Chemical process industry and sea water application.
Alloy 625 is used in short term applications at temperatures up to 816℃.
For long term service, it is best restricted to a maximum of 593℃, because long term exposure above 593℃ will result in significant embrittlement.

Application Areas

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